• Eddy Smits


For those who are not familiar with the concept, let me first elaborate.

I'm not sure when the term was first used. A while ago, I found a book about it by a South African entrepreneur. I also found some TEDx talks going back to 2015, so the word has been around for at least five years, but I suppose it’s much older than that?

It's irrelevant anyway.

‘Artrepreneur’ is an agglutination of ARTIST and ENTREPRENEUR.

I love the word because it captures its intention completely.

It is appointed to freelance artists, but it can be used in every industry.

I am convinced when other industries use it, it could have a profound effect on their profit.

Or at least make a dull business look fun.

And isn’t that what we all want?

‘Artrepreneurship’ is a mindset that is necessary to survive as a freelance creative.

The balance is crucial.

If you think too much as an artist, people won’t understand it and you will sell not enough, and if you are too much an entrepreneur you will be unhappy as an artist.

Creatives can be a wide spectrum. It’s not only artists, but designers, architects, cooks, etc.

People love art in any form and shape. The eye is keen to look more at an aesthetically pleasing concept.

Even our food tastes better if we present it colorfully.

In fact, it might be safe to say, if it’s appealing for the eye, it's selling better!

My point is that you can use it in any business, even when you are an accountant!

Were an artist mostly needs to put more effort into being an entrepreneur, any business can gain by given more notice to aesthetics, creativity, and art.

The keyword is, however, 'balance'.

Artists, for one, are having a difficult time paying more attention to the business side of their ventures.

Businesses on the other hand, often forget the possibilities of creativity. And the once who do are mostly afraid to take it to the next level not causing the effect they desire, and ultimately letting the excel files or CFO decide the next step. Which is in many cases to stop being creative because the result doesn’t show directly in the figures.

Unfortunately, this way, so many opportunities will slip through your fingers.

So how is your balance?