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Eddy Smits

Eddy Smits started his artistic career in 1989. 

In 1993 he got serious.

He wrote, directed, and played his first theatre play.


In 1998 he became a full-time artist.

26  produced theater shows, 1 short film, 4 educational projects (over 10.000 kids) more than 2000 entertainment gigs, 10 years of hospital clowning and playing his best selling show 1038 times he said goodbye to the stage in 2014.


In 2012 he wrote Model C, a book that reveals how the attitude and techniques of a hospital clown can make you happy and lead to success.


This was the blueprint of his coaching career in which he got serious in 2018.


Recently he developed a coaching program for artists. Being armed with 25 experience as an artist and 8 years of coaching he knows exactly what the challenges of an artist are and how to tackle them.